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Brand Mavens: Powerful Shoppers Who Are Transforming Retail

Retail is in the midst of unprecedented change, resulting in uncertainty and fierce competition. Recently, a new type of shopper has emerged who is transforming retail: Brand Mavens. They wield significant influence over other shoppers and have tremendous purchasing power. At the foundation of their influence is their use of “branded currency” or a single, unified way to manage all purchasing interactions with a brand across channels and devices, combining digital gift cards, loyalty rewards, coupons and other offers.

Together, the Texas A&M University’s Center for Retailing Studies at Mays Business School; CashStar; and Retail TouchPoints have partnered to conduct research to understand Brand Mavens and the role of gift cards in engendering consumer loyalty towards brands and retailers.

Access the findings of the new Executive Report that spotlights the key characteristics and profiles of Brand Mavens and what you should be doing to capture mindshare of this critical, new consumer to succeed in the rapidly changing world of retail.



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Debbie Hauss, editor-in-chief, Retail TouchPoints and Gary Lombardo, vice president of marketing, CashStar, discuss the report and how you can leverage its insights.

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